The following Terms & Conditions apply for getting websites registered, designed and hosted through Holidaygoa Enterprises. This Terms & Conditions original document is provided for your understanding, acceptance and reference.

We assist in getting your domain name registered through a third party service provider with any of the official Registrars recognized by ICANN organization. Domain name registration is valid for 1 year or any additional period that is paid for. Domain Names are renewable on a yearly basis.

Domain names with different extensions have different charges. Client has to ascertain the cost of registering his/her choice of domain name with chosen extension. You have to fill in and sign a Domain Names Registration Request Form. Holidaygoa Enterprises will intimate you on the renewal of the domain registration service that is due but it is not the responsibility of Holidaygoa Enterprises to give you such intimations in advance. It is confirmed by you that the responsibility of remembering to renew your domain name and server space or any other service will lie with you.

In the event of non-payment of any services, Holidaygoa Enterprises reserves the right to re-sell the Domain, Layout & all other related design material to any third party or use itself, including the Domain/ Content / Structure/ Layout and all other related material without any intimation & no further correspondence in this regard would be entertained.

The proprietor of Holidaygoa Enterprises will visit the client interested in designing a website only once anywhere in Goa.  Thereafter the client agrees to communicate his/her requirements through phone, email, sms, fax, letters, and courier or in person at our office address. It is not feasible for the proprietor to give repeated visits to the client during the website designing process. Website consultation and understanding clients requirements for a website will be done only once in person anywhere in Goa. Extra visits to client’s site, office, shop or residence wherever in Goa for extra website consultation or to collect website data content & photos personally will cost a minimum of Rs.500/- per extra visit. Repeated visits to any place of the client will attract charges as decided by the Proprietor of Holidaygoa Enterprises and at his own discretion and decision.

All design related communications have to be over the phone, sms, fax or email or in person at our office address. Clients are only allowed to communicate the necessary additions, editions, corrections, changes and suggestions and the same will be attended to later and not immediately in front of the client. This is our designing policy always. Please be clear that we offer commercial website designing services and not personalized designing services.

Email communication is the preferred choice, during the designing process of your website. Emailing is fast and reliable. Also a copy of communication is easily maintained for future reference & record. The way both client and customer can monitor and refer to what work requests were made, what work changes were done and what were not attended too. Verbal communication by personal visits to office during the designing process is highly discouraged as this always leads to the possibility of miscommunication and confusion. Also in verbal communication there is no possibility of maintaining backup of requests made for easy reference and record.

Server space and Domain names on the internet can only be rented out for a period of 1 or more years and cannot out be out rightly purchased. All our packages include Registration of domain name (as and when available), Server space as much as required for completing a website (Max 50 Mb). Total server space in basic package limited to 50 Mb. Extra web space, if needed at the rate of Rs.500/- per 10 Mb. Domain name of your selected name and selected extension will be registered as per your choice. Domain name and server space are renewable every year as per current rates applicable at the time of renewing.

We design /develop websites /applications as per your specifications. Under the design process, we offer updates/ changes till you are satisfied with the final outcome before the website is hosted online.  After complete satisfaction of the client the website be hosted and made online on the internet. If Client’s desire another design other than the initial web design provided by the designing agency, then the agency will provide a maximum of one more fresh design. Client’s suggestions and recommendations will be incorporated in the website, but unlimited experimenting over the website design over a prolonged period will not be entertained.

We do not offer Personalized Web Design Services, where in the client is given the permission to sit beside the web designer and dictate the changes and sees the work being designed in front of the client's eyes. Under any circumstances, clients are not allowed to sit beside the designer and get work done even with any extra remuneration. We also do not offer home/office based designing services at the site of the concerned client.

Receiving an email to inform us to host the completed website online at your domain name on the internet means that your website is completed to satisfaction.I understand that all amounts paid to for website designing & website development are non-refundable / non- transferable under any circumstances. Every effort will be done to provide a design according to client’s requirements. In the event, I as the client is not happy or do not like the designs provided by Holidaygoa Enterprises or if i desire to discontinue the website design for whatever reasons, I clearly understand and agree that the 50% charges paid for designing my website will stand forfeited.

Once total payment is realized and website is online, then the client will be provided with a CD of their full website design. This website CD is for client’s backup & reference. The client has to make a backup of his website CD and store it safely for future needs of his/her own. The design agency does maintain dedicated backups of the client’s website design but in the event, where our backup files are damaged, corrupted or irretrievable or in case of force majeure situation then the design agency is not responsible for storage and backup of website design of client. The client is always solely responsible to make sure that the provided website design CD is stored safely and efficiently for future retrieval & use.

Provided all the necessary and complete data and photos are provided by the client, then the design agency Holidaygoa Enterprises assures to deliver a completed website design in a max of 15 (fifteen) working days excluding Sundays and other Public holidays. Another extra 15 (fifteen) general days including Sundays and Public holidays will be provided to the client to go through his/her website content and development. We advise the client not to delay the completion of his/her own website for more than 15 days after design being presented for his/her approval.                                                                    

Delay by client in getting his/her own website completed over a month will not be tolerated by the design agency as the client may be doing unnecessary experimenting with the website design. After 15 (fifteen) days of delay from design delivered date, the agency Holidaygoa Enterprises reserves the right to charge the client at the rate  of @ Rs.100/- per day for using the design agencies extra time and designing resources. This is mutually beneficial to both agency and client so that projects are designed, delivered and made online on internet without undue waste of time. Your website design will be temporarily hosted on for only a max of 15 (fifteen) days.

At any time during the designing process, if the designing agency, Holidaygoa Enterprises finds that a particular designing project is being unduly delayed by the client itself, beyond the permitted 30 (thirty) days, then the agency reserves the right to discontinue the designing work of concerned client and will hand over the incomplete website design cd and the client will forfeit his 50% advance paid for designing.

The client has to provide us the complete information, details and textual matter about his/her business that needs to be highlighted in the web pages.  Also all authentic photos of the products or services have to be provided to us. Client has to provide us a soft copy of his/her logo. If a client does not have a logo, we provide simple logo solutions for the website, but this will not be a professional Logo as we are not Logo Designers and it is the responsibility of the client to provide us his/her logo. Any copyright issues regarding the data content or ownership of images will be the sole responsibility of the client and not the designing agency i.e. Holidaygoa Enterprises.

The Complete Content on your website is owned by you. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Holidaygoa Enterprises, its parent, affiliates and associates, agents, co-branders or other partners, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of content you submit, post to or transmit or as a result of any copyrighted images / intellectual property / any other rights violation. This indemnification obligation will survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement for whatever reason. This indemnification remains active even if your website has gone offline. Continued behind on page 2.

Prospective client’s and future customers are requested & recommended to please have a good look at our portfolio of websites designed for hundreds of satisfied clients all over Goa by our agency Holidaygoa Enterrprises, before committing website designing work to us . To do so then can visit any of our multiple websites domains such as or or

After having a good look at our websites portfolio, clients & customers are in a better position to determine and decide, if Holidaygoa Enterprises will be in a position to deliver a website design to their tastes and requirements.

Minor changes of phone numbers and addresses of clients will be changed on the website as required.  Henceforth any other changes to the pages content of text and images or any other design will attract additional charges for doing so. Minimum charges applicable are Rs. 1000/- per page, Maximum charges applicable are Rs. 2000/- for any changes to that page only.  Charges could be higher too, if change in content matter and images is extensive. Once the website is completed and made online on internet, then henceforth any changes need to be made to the website will attract updating charges as per the quantum of work. On completion of your website, our Updating Charges packages printout will be provided for your reference and future updating needs of your website.

Breakdowns do tend to happen in hardware and software too. Sometimes websites do tend to breakdown for multiple reasons as internet keeps on developing and ever changing, hence clients have a separate option to subscribe to a Website Maintenance annual scheme. This Annual Website Maintenance Package Charges printout is provided separately on request. In this package, clients are provided a 24/07/365 day’s mobile number, wherein their website breakdown calls are attended to immediately. Generally, otherwise when breakdown happens, Holidaygoa Enterprises attends to this repair & rectification freely during office working hours, as soon as possible. This general maintenance of website is free but it is a privilege provided to the customer and cannot be claimed as a right by clients as it is free.

I have had a good look at the official website of Holidaygoa Enterprises that is it’s Portfolio of websites and also have read the Holidaygoa Enterprises Internet Privacy Policy, Holidaygoa Enterprises Internet Terms & Conditions and this Holidaygoa Enterprises Website Designing Terms & Conditions.

Two local bank cheques have to be provided to us. 50 % Advance by Cheque at the time of starting the website design work and the balance 50 % by postdated Cheque (PDC) dated after website completion date.  Website completion date will be the date when the completed website is uploaded and hosted on the internet at its own URL or domain name.  The client chooses and decides this date. Website designing charges as per Quotation provided.

We do not guarantee any Priority Listing / Domain Listing in any search engines. We optimize web sites for better search engine visibility & hence generate better results for all of our members. We do not provide any type of dedicated, complete and long-term search engine optimization for our client’s websites. Our services are limited to designing, programming, hosting and making a site online. We do not promote one website over the other or engage in any type of internet advertising or internet marketing for making clients websites popular.

After starting work on a website, every client gets the facility to see how his/her site is getting developed on a regular basis for the next 15 (fifteen) days.  We temporarily (for a maximum period of 15 days) host your under - construction site on our domain called on a certain arranged date. This way you can see your site as it is finally getting developed before going online at your official chosen domain name.

WEBSITE DESIGNING WORK CANCELING TERMS & CONDITIONS (Applicable only within the first 07 days of signing Website Designing T&C, inclusive of date signed)


Before signing the website designing Terms & Conditions, clients and customers have all the time at their disposal to decide & determine their 100% commitment to getting their website designed by our agency.


At the time of the first appointment with the Proprietor of Holidaygoa Enterprises, the clients and customers during the Free Website Consultation, can clear and clarify any or all doubts and ask questions and can also clarify any terms not understood in this Website Designing Terms & Conditions. Before signing the Website Designing Terms & Conditions, it is the responsibility and right of all clients & customers to read and agree before signing this website designing terms & conditions document.


Even after reading, understanding, agreeing and signing to the Website Designing Terms & Conditions, clients & customers are allowed ONLY a maximum of 07(Seven) Calendar days to withdraw their desire of designing their website and cancelling the website work. This cancellation wish of the client or customer has to be communicated in a written application in person at our Holidaygoa Enterprises office in Margao. The date on the designing terms and conditions document is inclusive and counted in the 07(seven) days from commencement of work. Website Designing Cancellation Charges will be strictly applicable.

WEBSITE DESIGNING CANCELLATION CHARGES (Applicable only within the first 07 days of signing Website Designing T&C, inclusive of date signed)

  • Registration Charges for Domain Name Registered of Client’s Choice: Rs.500/-(Rupees Five Hundred Only)
  • Domain Name Transfer Charges. (Compulsory, the client has to move & transfer his domain name to another registrar or design agency of his/her choice, during the active registration year) Rs.1000/-(Rupees One Thousand Only)
  • Website Designing Cancellation Charges: Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only)

Total Website Work Cancellation Charges will be Rs.2500/-(Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred Only). This amount of Rs.2500/- will be deducted from whatever 50% advance designing amount was collected from client. The balance amount after deducting the necessary cancellation charges will be paid and refunded within a week and only by Cheque payment.

Since designing and programming requirements differ from client to client, hence we provide customized work quotations for every client. Written quotations are provided to clients specifying what the client will get in his website package and the corresponding charges for the same.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Holidaygoa Enterprises, its parent, affiliates and associates, agents, co-branders or other partners, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of content you submit, post to or transmit or as a result of any transaction done on or through this site. You agree that your obligations to indemnify under "Indemnity" in the Holidaygoa Enterprises Terms & Conditions any claim or demand associated with your domain name / e-mail address. On my behalf, I have read the above mentioned Terms & Conditions and have understood them clearly. I agree to abide by the above mentioned Domain registering, Website designing and Internet Hosting Terms & Conditions.





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