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The World of Website Designing and Website Development is becoming a more and more world of Virtual Reality. With the introducing of 4 G Internet Speeds in India and with the Advent of 5 G High Speed Internet just around the corner and 6 G Internet Speeds just on the visible Horizon, the Website World of Design, Development and Delivery is becoming more and more a, “Virtual Reality”.

Due to the emergence and heavy presence of E Commerce Websites, selling online anything from a Simple Pin to a Piano and everything from a humble Comb to a Computer, the Brick and Mortar traditional stores on every street and corner are getting a bad beating in their daily business.

Presently with the Digital Revolution that India is forcibly going through with its hiccups so to say, the Common Consumer to the Influential Industrialist is now Computer competent, Gadget friendly and Heavy Smart Phone dependent. In this new scenario most of the Indian and others on the streets are aware of modern Apps that enable to transfer Cash Funds fast and easily to anyone. Using mediums such as IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), NEFT, (National Electronic Funds Transfer), Paytm, Phone pe, Bhim and many more.

We as Designers and Developers are working in a B2B (Business to Business) Scenario, where new and emerging technologies are taking every Entrepreneur Fast Forward and that too very fast. Hence now everyone knows about What’s app messaging, Emailing, Skype, Website Chat, Yahoo chat, SMS, MMS, Search Engines, Payment Gateway Engines, Smart Phones & its Apps, Share it, Snig it, NFC ( Near Field of Communications) E Fax, Digital Answering Machines, Websites, Weblogs, Blogs, Video Blogs, AI Assistants like Alexia, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, E Office, Virtual Offices etc.

With the ever increasing speed of communications, Via Phones, SMS, MMS, Video Calls, Messaging and Chat Apps, Email, Voice Mail, Digital Signatures and many more, Business men do not feel the need of spending precious time in meeting physically to strike and close deals. Even medium to large size deals are being closed digitally via Video Conferencing in real time, sharing of signed documents via Email or E Fax and signing with accepted and authorized Class I, II & III standard signatures.

In this emerging E Office and Virtual Office Scenario too, Holidaygoa Enterprises is taking the lead and leap of faith by allowing its present staff to work from their own Home based Workstations which are now powerfully equipped with Hardware and Software solutions from the Cloud.


The Big Boss. By animal nature represents the Elephant. Remembers everything but does nothing. The Maverick who handles the Advertising, Marketing and Sales for our day to day Survival and Sustenance.
The Creative Guy. The Writer, the Content developer, the Photographer, the Thinker, the Speaker. In brief the person responsible for the entire write up of websites and for the Visual Photographic delights.
The Backbone of everyone’s back. She is one person packed into many persons. Responsible for Client appointments, Daily Work Chart, Internet Research, Filling and Financial Control, the Quality Controller of Sites, Supplier of food delights etc.
Our Oldest Guy on the Team. Dedicated, Devoted as any working Bee. The Senior Website Designer and head of his team. The Final Guy who designs, develops and delivers all of our Sites on time.



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