Web Photography in Goa

“What you see is what you will get. That’s what good web photography is all about”




The first impact that each and every website has, is the Visual impact. As your webpage slowly opens, the Customers eyes are transfixed over what you have to show or showcase about your products or services.

For example: If your website is about your Hotel then the most important product of yours is the, “Rooms”. 

Whenever you have to sell some kind of “touch & feel” product then the old age saying still stands true; “A good picture is worth a thousand words.”

Content. Content. Content.  Repeated thrice for emphasis and impact. According to Google, the Mother and Father of all Search Engines, Content is always going to be King over the internet.  Especially in third world countries like our very own India, there is general habit of Beg, Borrow & Steal, when it comes to the usage of images in general.  But one cannot copy other peoples content and apply or copy paste the same to your unique products, presentations or services. That’s why original, unique and authentic content is very important in every website.

This is the actual Web Design. For Example: Customers are not going to book your Hotel Room if you have an excellent website. They will book your rooms if you have presented excellent photos of your rooms. They will book, if your content has communicated room prices, features, facilities and qualities about the room and the resort.  An excellent website design may get more business for the website designer. The saying is thus true, “Good design is as little design as possible”. Your website design should be just a PLATFORM to present your products, presentations, goods and services. That’s it.

In all of our web design projects, we do provide the extra services of a "Practical Photographer" who knows what type of images are needed for your website.


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